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In mid July I bought my first Acura (03 TL) which I bought as a cheap car 1000.00 to drive back and forth to work, the car originated from Texas for the first 5 years of it's life before spending the next eight years of it's life in Washington state before landing in New York state so as it is the car is totally rust free.

After driving the car for a week and deciding I liked it I decided to clean it up a bit and keep it a while, the girl I bought it from hit a couple deer on the right front corner after moving to the area. From deer damage I replaced the grill, bumper cover and right front fender after having a friend color match the parts before I installed them, as usual after making everything else look so nice I had to replace the headlights and foglights because they just looked crappy!

Next I got after the brakes where I replaced all four corners with crossed drilled rotors and ceramic pads, next I ordered in a case of Honda tranny fluid and had a friends tranny shop flush and service the tranny for me. And finally this weekend I installed a new timing belt, water pump, pulleys, tensioner, spark plugs. seals and accessory belts.....................think i'm really getting to like this car! Truth be told i'm also looking at the newer models...........:)

Forgot the new wheel bearings and hubs along with the 4 new struts arrive tomorrow...........everything will be installed before 5 pm .tomorrow.
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