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Third Parties to beat Nintendo on Wii?
Activision CEO thinks the time is right for third-parties to best first-party titles.
by Rob Burman, IGN UK

UK, June 1, 2007 - Activision CEO Robert Kotick has said that third-party publishers can perform well on Wii - particularly compared to GameCube - and that the company is "reinvesting" in Nintendo consoles for the future.

Speaking to investors in a quarterly conference call, Kotick reaffirmed his commitment to Nintendo consoles, explaining that the Wii is set to perform a lot better than the GameCube and, as a result, Activision is "reinvesting against the Nintendo platform in a way that in the last cycle [they] really did not".

He also said that although in previous generations, Nintendo's first-party titles have invariably sold more than third-party games this could be about to change. "For a few generations, Nintendo software was better than third-party software," he said. "When you look at where we are today, we think we're actually in the best position and probably even in a better position than the first-party to leverage our development dollars."

Finally Kotick expressed his excitement about the upcoming Wii version of Guitar Hero III, which is due for release this Autumn. "There probably is no better product to take advantage of the capabilities of the Wii than Guitar Hero," he explained.
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