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ok i have a 96 teg ls, 100000 miles. i dont want to hear about ls/vtec. is it possible to get into low 13's high 12's for 6000 bucks? im thinking drag gen3 tubo soon, but will i still b slow? and is it possible to kill nething but civics with that setup? and one more question, if im only able to beat civics with that setup, do i need to get into doing internal engine stuff or what? any suggestions r appreciated.
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oh yeah

and how do u guys rite stuff under the post and to the left of it under the name?
Don't know a lot about turbo ls motors ,but 6k should be plenty. Do a total engine rebuild and turbo it. Get pistons,rods,cams,gaskets,valves,valvesprings,retainers,etc. maybe a block guard. Then get the turbo,intercooler,piping,bov,etc.
If you put 6 grand into an LS you can be in the 11-12 sec range with proper tuning and traction.
with that amount of money, you should be able to smoke more than just civics....vette's, ws6's, ss's should be easy competition
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Acman1 said:
and how do u guys rite stuff under the post and to the left of it under the name?
Just go to the user cp button at the top of the screen. Go to edit profile and you will find the space there where you can fill out your profile for people to see. Look in the FAQ. They have it there.

And the name under your user name is based on how many posts you have.
with 6g's a monkey could get 13 out of that car. turbo 8 to 12 pounds easy. i have a friend who ran 12.9 on 8 pounds with an ls motor but it was in a civic (not hatch) the whole set up cost him 3000 max i dont even think it was that much.
It's a good thing you don't want to hear about LS/VTEC when you're looking to run 13s and lower. I don't know about a complete bottom end rebuild being affordable with a turbo for $6000. Get your hands on:

Revhard II kit

Boost Gauge
Air/Fuel Meter
EGT Gauge
Oil Pressure Gauge
Turbo Timer
Profec Boost Controller

AEM Cam Gears
Skunk2 Intake Manifold
RC ported throttle body
Web Cams (any good turbo cams)

InLinePro headgasket

MSD Blaster 3 Coil
MSD Pro Cap
Aramaki Wires

Holley 255LPH In-Tank Fuel Pump
AEM Fuel Rail w/fuel pressure riser
RC 370-440cc injectors

Thermal R&D 3"

Clutchmasters Stage 3 (or something that's more race oriented but still streetable)

Tein Coilovers or Koni Yellows with Eibach Pro Kit

I'm sure that's in excess of $6,000, but there you go. You also may want to get some brakes :). With that setup you should be well on your way to high 11s :D.
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Re: Re: oh yeah

Tuan said:
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Just sniffin myself..... omg i just rechecked this message and saw i posted on it. ok well for 6k you can have a pretty sweet teg. listen to these guys, cuz they def know what there talking about.
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