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I need to get rid of a few things that are laying around the house.

OEM Sideskirts from my 99 hatch, will fit 96-00 coupe/hatch civic, good shape with clips. $60.00 + shipping

Fiberglass F1 Fenders 96-00 Civic, wouldnt work on the car since the vertical doors went on, and its a 99 so its a little different. never been installed. $75.00 + Shipping

96-00 Spoon carbon wing. I have never tried to install it so I dont know about fitment, looks pretty good though, I paid over $250.00 for it and Im looking at around $150.00 + Shipping

Brand new, just got it this weekend, Netgear Mimo G router. Everything works but my linksys gets better reception in the basement. I paid 99.99 plus tax but since I dont have the box any more Im only wanting $75.00 firm with free shipping.

Creative Inspire 5.1 computer speakers, nice sounding and great bass response. $75.00 + Shipping

2 Directed Studio Subs, brand new, never used. I have had them for about 2 years now, excelent condition. $250.00 for the pair + Shipping

Directed d2205 Amp, hybrid 5 channel amp. You can run a whole system off this thing. Its a sub and and a 4 channel amp built into one. I paid $850.00 new, sell for $600.00 + Shipping. All the specs are at

All shipping prices will be actual shipping charges, not trying to make money, just get rid of some stuff. Just give me your zip code and what your interested in and I will pm back with the shipping cost and relative time to get to you.


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