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thx For Looking OUt.

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This sucks. Just received a USED CAI without an instruction booklet. :) And the forum is down. So I can't get the resources and pics I need from the site. Anyone know where I can find the AEM instruction booklet online? Or anyone care to post pics they have to installing the CAI? peace and thx for looking out

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See if there is an AEM website. if there is one, they should have instrucions. Lates
not really . does not have any instructions to their products. :eek: I'm sure there are site to installation of the CAI. NO luck yet.

BTW, anybody know a site to installing OEM parts for the Accord? Back to sleep :sleep: peace~
this site has some instructions for acura but im sure its very similar to accords...
i dont know if you will find it sufficient thought...but to tell you the truth it was very easy for 96 accord...cuz i dont have vtec
just search on for AEM on this page and its in the installation section...
good luck
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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