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Timing adjust , and GAS Octane

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I got a few questins. Beginner Qs I would say. Regarding playing with B16A2/3
Lets say retarding or advencing timing, will gain any points.
From what I understand it is kind trade off on the gas milege.

And I use premium 92 octane all the time, but lets say I'll switch to 89 octane fuel. What are the losses in horsies? And cause B16A2/3s are designed with 92 octane in mind would I need to compensate with the timing.
What I understand is that those engines are hi revving high compression and they bennefit from higher octane gas but I don't race every day.
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if you use 89 octane you´ll loose power, and that´s the beautiful thing about a b series engine its POWER! i only use 97 octane fuel on my sol and mine is an Si (SOCH VTEC d16z6 engine)
by using 89 octane all your gonna do is screw up performance and get less MPG...remember the more fuel you burn the best milage you get
SOHC Timing...

Ive heard on DOHCs that the intake is advanced +1, and the exhaust is retarded -2 with mods, etc for optimum performance or whatever...but what about sohc?
Densol said:
I got a few questins. Beginner Qs I would say. Regarding playing with B16A2/3
The manual recommends you use at least 91 octane (or something like that). I know for the del Sol Si, an octane level of 86 recommended, but I still use 91 octane.

I remember reading somewhere that a lower octane level will hinder performance, and deteriorate something... If you have a killer engine like the B16, don't feed it crap. Take good care of it... :D
That's true: lower Octane fuel will lower the power output.
I also noticed from previous experience that when going with higher ocatne MPG is increased and Power is increased. So I'll have to abandon that idea.
I'll mess with timing instead.
Dude if you've got SOHC let us know what you find out, I'm buying a cam / cam gear soon, and would like to know what to set the timing at...if you have sohc that is.

Have fun!
Are you talking about ignition timing or cam timing...because there is a far as octane...if you don't have any mods done to your car...I would say you won't notice a difference in power...if anyone doesn't believe should read up on it...Running higher octane fuel has little to no affect on a stock car...the difference is where you get your gas...for instance, arco has all kinds of shit mixed in with the gas, that certainly doesn't do your car any good...I use to us 89 all the time until I started using NOS...obviously I use a higer octane fuel now.
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