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Timing belt help...

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I went ahead and ordered the parts to swap out my timing belt and water pump. Guess I'll have to wait a little longer for the cams, but oh well. Does anyone know of a FAQ or writeup with some tips regarding the removal and install of these 2 parts? This is my first time changing out the Lude's belt and I don't want to go in flying blind...
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Call your Honda dealership, they should be able to give you good advice. Other than that I am not sure
by the way I like the black rims
Sorry buddy i only take mine to a guy i know to do all my work, he is pretty good to, which always helps.
if you dont have a helms you really shouldnt try it yourself. i have a helms but id rather just pay someone else to do that type of work. the risk of error is just way too i dont have the tools
Oh, I already have a Helms, I was just wondering if anyone else who had already done this had any helpful tips or personal experiences that the manual may not offer. Thanks anyways guys
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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