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Tips on launching ur accord off the start line??

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okay... i know iam a newbie... but whats the best way to get our v6's off the start line??? i've tried flooring it, (which squeches my tires). starting at 2k rpm.. and driving wit d3 on..... so wahts the best way to launch our accords?? any1 have any tips >>>???
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i turn off the tcs brake torque to about 2500 and after letting of the brake floor it. I also put it in d3
the only thing you really can do is powerbrake or brake-torque to around 2000-2500 rpms and then floor it. putting it in d3 doesnt really matter unless you are planning on going over around 90, when you dont want 4th gear(overdrive gear) to kick in.
Are you racing at the track or on the street?

If you are racing on the street, start by brake torquing to 1,800rpms. Ideally, you want your tires to do a quick half second chirp and then grab. If they are spinning for more than a second try lowering your launch rpm.

At the track, you will typically need to max out your rpms, since they spray a sticky tar on the track that helps the big boys get better traction. On my car, the rpms stop at 2,100 rpms.

Unless you are racing over 100mph there is no difference b/w D3 and D4. If you are going to race over 100mph, keep the car in D3 until about 6,100 rpms and then shift manually to D4. (Other wise the car will shift to 4th gear around 5,500 rpms)
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