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Tire/wheel size 5g hatch

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Hey I need a little help here. I am debating weather or not to buy my friends 17x7 TSW Revo White rims(he needs money bad). I have a 92 hatch thats has been lowered 2.5". My 195/50/R15 rub now on hard turns. My buddies Tire size is 204/40(45)/R 17 I dont remember which. But they were on a Teggy. The price is right. My wheels are old school chrome neeper syncros. Will these TSW Revo's fit? What do you peeps think of them?
Let me know

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the tire and wheel size don't matter as much as the offset of the rim. with a 2.5'' drop your ideal offset would be 43 to 45, to make sure you don't have any rubbing. you could get away with a 40, but you might get a lil rubbing when you make sharp u-turns.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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