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I need to get new tires. I am debating between the Sumitomo HTR H4 (400 A A 89H), the Yokohama Touring-S (580 A B 89S), Fuzion HRi (400 A A 91H) and Falken ZE-912 (480 A A 91H). I do not drive alot. I was leaning towards the Yokohama's but the Accord manual tells me I need to get 89H which means speed of 130 as opposed to the S speed of 112. Will I be ruining my ride if I by the Yokohama with this lower speed rating? Does it make a difference if I get the lower speed rating tires than the placard? I would rather have a higher traction rating if I could and they are both within my price range. Any help would be appreciated.
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