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tl type s is serious power

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its a rare chance that ill get to drive my mom's TL-S but when i do i treasure every moment of it. especially this one.

at the red light, i look to my left and start drooling. it had to be a brand new gs430 silver. anyway the guy noticed me starin his ride and gave me a nodd. i started thinkin should i do it, or no.. my mom was sittin is passenger and i knew she'd scream her head off if i do it. well light changed, and .5 seconds later i realized myself moving over into autostick mode, and heavy footing it.. wooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, i never felt a quicker take off in that car. i didnt blow past the gs430, neither did he blow past me. i was pretty amazed how neck and neck the two cars were. i felt a victory in that. the guy musta spent twice what the tl was and it has the same performance. im pretty sure that guy was giving everything his car had, atleast i hope so. otherwise it would totally put a damper on my story.:p

but needless to say, i havent been able to drive the tl since. :eek:

but i do have a question, anyone selling the factory OEM kit for 02 tl-s?
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The GS was playing with you, they will pull hard on Type S's

sorry, nice race none the less.
yeah, ive driven the gs300 and i know they pull hard, but i guess it was the driver. its all good.
I beat BMW 530i & GS300 twice with my 2002 TL Type S.
It is serious power !

ShabsterTL said:
I beat BMW 530i & GS300 twice with my 2002 TL Type S.
It is serious power !

thats sweeeeet. i knew it had to be close anyway. the spec on gs430 is what 290 horses? am i right. im not sure... but type s has 260 horses. 30 horses is a lot. but thats where i think driver comes in... i think gs430 is heavier too. not sure...

nice kills:D
this doesn't have much to do with the thread but a guy at work has a bad ass silver TL-S, lowered, racing hart wheels, tint, and he just put on comptech exhaust, headers, aem intake and a zex nitrous kit... that thing is one car i would love to drive, cleanest thing i've ever seen
everything about that car is clean. i love the interior of the tl-s. and the shifter, its not no stick or anything, but it begs to be shifted in the auto stick mode. how quickly it goes from normal to auto stick mode is a hint.:p
the gs 300 is pathetic

the gs 400 the one with the v8 in that will smoke your tl-s no problem
however if it is a cl-s with 6 speed....mmm c-ya
i use to work at a acura dealer, i drove my shares of cars arround..i drove every acura , except a hard top nsx
Boosted CL-S and TL-S are sweet.

I like the GS430, too.

but I'd get the IS300 w/ Stage III Turbo kit and 6spd conversion. :D

500hp/500tq! booya!
my friend came over in his 99 mercedes e430 talkin all this shiet. so we went to a street light and when we took off, he pulled maybe 2 feet away in first but when i hit the end of 2nd, he shifted way b4 me and i left him by a car length =)
thats riiight baby, show them what the vtec is about.:p
is there even room under the hood for a turbo in a TL?
yeah...if u go to u can see a turbo'ed accord v6, u jus gotta move the battery
stock is around 5100 i think.......put it at 4700 wit the v-afc
you think the tl has serious power check out the new accord coupe 6 speed. 14.5 stock some one posted a ag revue
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