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to buy or not to buy

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have a little question for the experts here on the forum, recently i found a very cheap Honda s2000 but the thing is there is going to be some work done before i can take it to the roads. i just spoke to the guz and he told me that when the car is off the clutch pedal goes in like normal and the car shifts into gear but it feels really notchy but when the car is started the clutch pedal feels like a break pedal does when abs is activating, the pedal is really pulsy while being engaged. also the car will not go into any gear while the motor is on plus when he tries to put it in gear the car starts to roll as if the clutch inst even engaged. does any of you pros know by chance what COULD BE wrong and is the problem to expensive to fix?
i tried to look it up on the internet i really don't know much about cars that's why i ask, i want to thank you all in advance for replies. oh and if you guys need repair manuals i came across this Honda : Service And Repair Manuals might come in handy it doesnt mean much to me you can give me a "fix every honda for dummies" manual id still mess up i'll check in later gotta take my wife shopping :bash
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