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Todt insists Ferrari's rear wing is legal (f1)

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Flexi, flexi... Hmmmm... :confused

Todt insists Ferrari's rear wing is legal

Tuesday March 14 2006

Ferrari boss Jean Todt has insisted that the team are not cheating as sniping continues in the pitlane over the 248 F1's controversial rear wing.

Several teams are believed to have complained about the wing, claiming it deflects - a clear breach of the rules.

"I'm not happy. I know exactly what that wing does and it is not what I would expect," complained Renault's Pat Symonds.

Attempting to play down the furore, Todt responded: "It is good when people start to take an interest in Ferrari again. It demonstrates that we are back at the top again."

"If the FIA say there is a problem then our technical team will come to me, but the FIA has no problem."
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I hope Speed has some shots of that wing in action this weekend. I'd love to see what is going on with it.
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