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Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero

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anyone know any cheats without the gameshark for this game on [email protected]?I beat everyone except the last guy and those alot of those stupid wanderers who don't want to race do i get them to race me?and does the last guy show up after i beat all the wanderers?cause i beat all the clubs.:confused:
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is that game good? better then the first one? what kinda cars are in it?
to get the wanders to race you gotta use a car around the same horsepower as them. they won't even race you if you are twice as powerful than they are.
most wanders wont race u unless u have a certain car...jus go to
thanx for the info guys.cause those damn wanderers won't race.
is that game good? better then the first one? what kinda cars are in it?
dude-n-lude the game is mad fun,never played the first on dreamcast though.I have about maybe under 300 cars to be able to buy.sumin like that.:confused:
All wanderes have certain requirements. Some only come out at certain times, some will only races you if you ahve a certain amount of cars in yoru garage and some require you to start in certain sections of the track and they will challenge you, go to, there is a FAQ on the requirements for each wanderer. If you have any questions ask me and I'll be happy to help I have beaten EVERY opponent in the game and enjoyed every minute of it!
i rented the game a couple of weeks ago and i should be getting it today when the mail comes. I bought it off of ebay for half price. I cant wait for the mailman to get here.
Yeah, check out It will tell you everything you need to about TXR0.
is that a good game? HELL YES! the original pretty much sparked my interest in imports and i still played it since dreamcasts launch until the the sequal came out on dc and im still playin that! perfect for anyone who wants to try and drift. damn fun if u can get your hands on it! btw is anyone here going to ANIME CENTRAL in chicago in april, im friends with the guy in charge of the game tourneys and hes puttin in TXRZ so that should be interesting. well back to drifting my hachi roku past that bastard Jack Knife Jones :cool:
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