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Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero

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Ok... I know it's just a game, but it's really starting to stress me out!!! I have like 20 more wanderers to beat before the last guy. The only problem is.... whenever I go to challenge another car that I havn't beaten yet... they cancel the race!!! WHAT'S UP WITH THAT!?!?! I've been searching and searching for a car that will actually race me! Any suggestions?!?
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yea, go to, and search tokyo xtreme racer zero and you should find a wanderer's requirements. you will find information regarding their requirements to race them. oh and good luck racing the last guy (not saying you won't beat him). :D
Thanks for the help! That gives me a pretty good idea as to why I couldn't race a few guys!! I've always been using and but they are limited with their info on some games. Thanks a lot!
Another thing to try is drive past a wanderer fast....they might race you.
I've tried that... but you have to be going the same general speed as they are in order for them to challenge you. I've found that if you just finish a race just as you're passing them, they will probably challenge you.
mike_sho said:
Another thing to try is drive past a wanderer fast....they might race you.
u reminded me of when people do that "RICER FLY BY."

AHAHAHAH..usually people race there gay ya. do that RICER FLYBY...they'll race ya
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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