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Tornado Fuel Saver?¿

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Hey you guys should check this product out. I do customer service for the company. They gave me one for free. I havent got a chance to hook it up in my ride because its still in the shop. My friend put one on his maxima and he told me he feels a difference. He gets better throttle response. Well I get my car today so im gonna try it out see what it does. I'll let you guys know. Oh here is a link.
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that thing is such a joke of a product.
yeah, its a POS. i heard of one dude who had one and his came loose and got sucked in. not good.
you'll gain a whooping total of negative 1 horsepower
hey if i put 2 of em in will it give me double the power?
v4lu3s said:
hey if i put 2 of em in will it give me double the power?
of course.
oh cool!!
i need some for my exhasut too!!
LoL. Yeah i know it sounds funny. Well everyone that works with me got one free. My other friend has a 93 accord and he said he felt a difference with the product installed. Honestly i thought its bs but ive had callers tell me they love the product and that it really works. I havent had any calls with complaints. Just letting you guys know.

BTW the guys friend that the tornado slipped into the throttle body. That just happened because it might have been too small or he didnt install it right. Like i said im gonna try it on my ride and see what it does.
A few years ago, Car & Driver did a review of the Tornado on a BMW 540i and found that there was no gain in HP and very minimal gain in MPG.

There's really no forced induction substitute for a Turbocharger or Supercharger.
that thing is crap, when it first came out it was called cyclone back in 92. slowly people knew that it sucked, obviously the company changed their name to tornado.
wow! now i don't have to buy that H22A and turbo i've been saving up for. i'm goin out tonite and buying everyone shots!!

umm i never heard anyone say anything good, so well see

i want to know if u get it and it screws up the car is there a warrarnty?
i spoke to a guy thats been with the company for a long time and it has never messed up anyones car. But it doesnt have warranty if it messes up your car.
i think i might have to get some sheet metal, and a soldering iron and ill make one and see how it works!!
ne one got the BS flag?
haha. . my friend's dad owns that company. .the trippiest thing seeing him in one of those car magazines. . . dunno if it works or not but he says it does. . .
Well people I can tell you the thing works, but not on all cars. Back in 94 I had a Colt/Mirage and had one on it, it made a huge difference on the thottle responce and MPG. The increase was even more noticeable then when I installed my aftermarket intake.

After my friend tried it he couldn't believe the improvement, he went and got him self one and it didn't do a thing for him. (he had a Interga) Neither did a guy with a Legacy Turbo, all it did for him was make a sort of jet engine sound when he floored it. But
another friend who had MX6 got it as well, and he had an improvement in both performance and MPG, but increase was not as noticeable as mine was.
BS... just another "as seen on TV" item that ends up selling for a buck on ebay
yeah...i dont think this thing will make anything better...more like worse...
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