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$$$$$$ total cost???

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so i want to do the hybrd thing now, but damn how much will this really cost????

i have a hatch that i can get reallly cheap, no problem there. but what is it going to cost me to swap a GSR or LS/VTEC into it??? and what else do i need besides the motor, can the hatch's tranny hold the power of a upgraded motor and what about the ECU. the biggest problem is that i only have about 4grand to do this with, that's 4grand for the swap, the car isn't going to cost shit.

i know you've probably had this question a million times by now, but i'm new to the hybrd thing. i'm tired of spending money on my 98 lude to only put that heavy ass thing into the low 14's. now a hatch with a engine swap and a couple of mods, that's what i want!!!!!!
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All depends on what engine you choose (obviously B18c5's and the like are gonna be more than a B18b, supply and demand), if your going to install it, if not where your getting it installed at, how many miles the engine has on it, is it JDM or USDM, are you rebuilding it while it's out of the car, etc. But since you mentioned GSR (B18c) we'll use that. Figure around 3K for the engine (complete changeover, tranny, ecu, etc) You find one cheaper, or you may find one for even more. Figure around 500-1000 for labor, again depending on who does it. There are outstanding deals out there, you just have to look. I've seen B18c5's going for 2K, and B16's going for 4K, you just have to look around and get a good deal. So that's around 3500 (give or take a few hundred) And then it adds from there, if you build the engine, add bolt-ons, have them change all the belts, etc.
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