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LOLS! I used to have sheepskin covers in my old Civic. Now neoprene seems to be the rage.:lol2:hehe I guess it's good for you messy people that eat in their cars and such.:hehe Available now in your local Sam's Club or autmotive parts store.:lol2:hehe

Toyota Boshoku Introduces Replaceable Automotive Seat Covers
Feb 23, 2009 17:29

Keisuke Ogawa, Nikkei Automotive Technology

A seat with an optional cover. Users can change the covers of the seating face and the headrest with optional covers.

Changing the cover using the zipper

Toyota Boshoku Corp developed a new automotive seat cover, "La Seat," that allows users to replace the covers of seating faces and headrests with their favorite ones.

Making the most of its fabric and seat cover technologies, the company maintained the design quality and comfort of seats, it said.

The new seat cover was first employed for the F"Chambre a Paris collection, a special model of the Vitz compact car, released Feb 9, 2009. Users can change the cover with a floral-printed cover, one of the standard features of the car, or other dedicated covers (optional) of their choice.

Peugeot's "1007" also allows users to change part of its seat covers, but they can only change the surfaces of the seating faces and backrests. Therefore, this is the first time that users can switch the cover including not only the upper surface but also the side faces, Toyota Boshoku said.

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