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With this tool, you can monitor your tire status at anytime, you don't need to worry about the tire flatting anymore
External TPMS
T801/T801A Features:
1.Real-time monitor tires’ pressure and temperature.
2.LED displayer, exquisite & compact LCD screen displays pressure and temperature of 4 tires synchronously.
3.Blue LCD displayer with cigarette plug or cigarette plug wire.
4.Visual and audible warning for abnormal tire pressure and temperature, low pressure alarm, high pressure alarm, air leak alarm, high temperature alarm and sensor failure alarm.
5.Easy-to-install TPMS, 2 minutes installation.
6.Sensor with long battery life (5 years) and sensor battery can be easily replaced.
7.Stable wireless signal transmission.

For more information please visit
or e-mail [email protected]
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