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transmission shifting............

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Hey, does any of your guys accord seems to shift hard (automatics only)? Like when you put it into reverse the engines seems like it drops or something? Or how about going from drive to neutral to reverse? It seems in all accords no matter what year it seems there is a slight drop or bump in the engine. I have noticed it does not do this in domestic cars? It does not seem dangerous, but just wondering if you guys have the same situation as I do. It has always happened to me since I first got the accord, but seems worse on hot days in AZ, but on cold nights it seems smoother, but still a slight bump like.
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i think its cuz honda doesn't make great auto tranny's....

i've heard that its been an issue with most of the autos...(don't quote me on that)

in my car, going from 1st to 2nd is really harsh...but it gets better from then on.
i remember once when i got one of those newsletters from the dealer and it had a whole section on people asking why their cars switched out of gear so hard, and they said it was because honda makes their transmissions do something so somethign stays lubricated or soemthing... i really dont remember it was a long time ago but apparently it is made to be that way intentionally

Thx for the reply man I was a little worried there for a bit about the trans shifting so hard, but I guess honda did make them that way on the auto ones. I have been in a few hondas and all the auto shift hard, but Im not worried anymore. I change my trans oil out every 6,000 miles. The first time I changed it there was black stuff all over the magnetic bolt and it was pitch black. I guess the owner before me never changed it. Seems most people don't change the trans oil a lot anyways cause I ask honda owners whens the last time they changed theirs they always respond with a dumbfounded look on there face like it's never suppose to change the old oil in trans oil.
we have a 2001 v6 in the family and it shifts very smooth
but my 96 4cyl. shifts pretty hard from 1 to 2 especially when its cold...but than it gets better...
hey i am wondering how hard it is to fuck up auto if you manually shift it when racing is it gonna fuck it up or what? thx
I don't see why it would........

I don't see why it would fuck up the transmissoin if you go from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and so on. Mine does not shift hard during regular driving just when I put it into reverse or drive or vice versa. Yeah, we have transmission oil to lubricate whats inside (not that I know I"m no mechanic) Mine bolt is on my front passenger wheel and you have to take the wheel off to see the bolt. It's kinda indisguise cause it took my 10mins to look for mine and it was right in front of my face :rolleyes:
i do

i have a 91 accord ex with 146k on it and it is a smooth running car. i agree that shifting is kinda harsh but i recently changed my tranny oil and really i dont feel it. the newer cars like the 98 accords shift really smooth haha an old accord cant match up. but as my for my car its very very smooth.
9accord6 said:
we have a 2001 v6 in the family and it shifts very smooth
but my 96 4cyl. shifts pretty hard from 1 to 2 especially when its cold...but than it gets better...
hey i am wondering how hard it is to fuck up auto if you manually shift it when racing is it gonna fuck it up or what? thx
Not hard at all! honda auto tranny sucks... mine wus harsh fucked up at 48-49,000KM (so thats 40,000Miles?) check engine light stayed on...

well ahem.. the nitrous might had sumtin to do with that but still... shitty autos;)
You guy know what shift hard Acura! ever automatic acura I drive first gear ship very hard! You can fell it and hear it!
yeah honda's auto trannies just dont shift smooth. I once drove this guys acura legend, i think 93, and it was auto, i put it from Park to drive, and the Fu(ker almost threw me out of my seat. The car like sank down, and then shifted forward. Luckly I have 5 spd and dont have to worry about that :D
Dont be manually shifting that honda.. my friend thought that it didnt do nothing... he has a 2000 black 4 cyl coupe. Anyway, he would manually shift it alot. One day, he heard a huge bang and the next time he shifted nothing happened- he car wouldnt move. Got towed back to the dealer and had to get a new tranny ~$4000.00, but the warranty paid for it cause he only had 23K miles on it. That is just my $.02
how do you replace the trasmission oil??
I have a 92 Accord and my shift is quite noticable as well. When I first got the car, I thought I had a bad tranny but I drove my friend's 96 EX and her's does the same exact thing.

Don't worry, it's no big deal. That's how they are made.

As for changing the depends on the car. On my celica, they had to actually change a filter (take out old one, put in new one) and then change the fluid.

But I am assuming we all have Accords here.
On my accord, there is no filter. The process is just like an oil change. Get rid of old fluid, then add new fluid, No problem.
i believe that transition fluid is way different from engine oil...

where is the tramission fluid located...i haven't touch that thing for long time..

maybe it is time for new fluid.
on the accords there is a filter. when i changed mine i wanted to change the filter but i asked honda and they told me that the filter is embedded into the transmission and has to be removed by taking the transmission apart. haha i was like forget it.

there is a bolt on the lower left end of the engine near the radiator resavor. it looks like a lug nut's end where u put the wrench in. you loosen it wiht a breaker bar and then drain it. remember though the car has to be a little warm to drain it completly. so warm it up and drive it for like 2 minutes. after use dextron III (3) to refill the transmission. honda accords like the 91-93 require dextron II(2) but they no longer make it and dextron III (3) is okay for the car. dont use synthetic transmission oil, it is a good oil but there is a down side to it. i used it in my car and checked it after 6 months and it was dead black. but i used dextron III(3) and i check it now and its fine. fill the transmission with maybe about 2 quarts of oil then drop the car and start it. play with the transmission by putting it into drive, reverse, and cycle through the gears. (someone correct me if im wrong on this next part) to check how much oil is in the tranny leave the car on and look at the dipstick. some people say the car has to be off but some say that the car has to be on. but the most important thing is that the car is only off for 1 minute before u can check it. someone check me on that if thats not the case. good luck man
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AccOrDZteCh said:
fill the transmission with maybe about 2 quarts of oil then drop the car and start it.
Hey are you sure 2 quarts will be enough?
I am about to change the fluid in 2 weeks and I want to make sure how many quarts to buy.
just buy like the big bottle and just put 2 quarts first...then after check the level and add what ever is needed. better to be short than too much. the first time i did it i put hella haha and my 3rd gear shakes a little. i think the big bottle is like 5 quarts. u have an auto i think dextron III will be good. good luck
the symthoms seem to happen only when you first drive after its been sitting a lil while or if you let it happen for a while then it occurs everytime theres two possible reasons one you over filled your trannie with oil or your using the wrong oil two in the automatcis the way the lsd are weld is stupid and it cause it to either go out or give you probs if you let it sit there for a lil try this pull up your e brake start your car put it in D2 and leave it there for 5 mins and drive on it for about a block or so then it should stop if not save up some good money for a new trannie. (teaches you not to manuel shift on a auto now huh haha)

try this and respond back and tell me what happens aite ;)
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