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Tree Sap on Car! HELP!!!!

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How in da hell do u get tree sap off your car, i can't even get it off my hands when I tried to pick it off. please help!!1
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How the hell did you get tree sap on your car?? Well try fishing line or really strong dental floss. I know thats what some people use to take off emblems. Just kind of rub against the sides of the sap and try to hook underneath of it . Do it back in forth like a sawing motion. If that doesn't work I don't know how to without messing up your paint.
try the clay bars...i believe the packaging states it can remove tree sap. you can buy the kits by meguiars or mothers.
so the clay bar wiill work? i willl try that on friday. how do i get it off my windows?
BLOW DRYER..OR A HEAT GUN...TRUST ME i had hundreds of spots and they all fell off...just heat it then get some car wash a rub constantly..
ok, will the blow dryer work on the paint too?
yea, i had sap all over, but BE can always buy big/tar remover, i used to take charcoal lighter and that works wonders...
if it's on glass, scrape with a razor and try using silicone spray to rub it off. silicone works wonders on sticker adhesive, so it might work on the sap. as for the clay bars, i have never used it for that, but make sure to read the label so you don't end up buying the wrong thing. but if you are a car nut, it's something worth buying!
so I can put charcol lighter one the sap and the surrounding areas? and that will take it off?
yea, i used it behind my tires to get tar off. should work fine but just to be safe dont leave it on the paint long, spray on and WASH off..
I have a tree sap on my ride as well. I parked my car in front of my friends house, and the trees there dropped sap all over it. However I washed it that night, and thought it was off, so I then parked my car for the winter. Then I went out to where my car is being stored, and noticed it still has sap on it however I cannot wash it till the snow is gone. :( So please if you buy the clay bar let me know how it works out please. I'll be sticking away from the other methods however because they sound to extreme for me. :lol:
well i will see what works and get back to you.
hey, i live 45mins away so if it fuck up your car you can have mine....THATS A JOKE!!!! you should be fine man, just use caution and common sense..;)
dude just be safe and use a blow dryer....wash it with you avg soap and dont give up
if its a little flat drop then use a claybar and it will come right off. if it is a big drop then heat it up w/ a blowdrier and it will peel off. ive used both and they both worked.:D
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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