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Tried to change the color of bulbs in temperature panel

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I tried to color the bulbs in the temperature panel to blue. I used a permanent magic marker but now no light goes through at all. I can buy blue leds for 3 bucks a piece but i'm sure theres a cheaper way to do it. Does anybody know how I can color them and still let the light out? Also, do led's heat up like regular light bulbs because i dont want the marker to melt off the bulbs. How can i color the regular bulbs blue so that the marker wont melt off and they will stay blue? I thought about using a dry erase marker to see if that would work, or putting blue celephane around the bulb.
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My friend used those markers that the teachers use for the overhead and it worked pretty good. Eventually all the stuff will burn off though.
there is a way without changing the bulbs and without using markers because with markers it will start to burn off and if left on long enough and gets hot enough it will smoke. The easiest way that no one thinks of is to use Gel Sheets. They are like a buck for a 8.5 x 11 sheet that you can do your whole car with. They are the sheets that concerts and drama productions use to change the colors of their lights. You can just wrap it around the bulb or put it in front of the bulb and you will get enough light to project through.
where can i get the gel sheets? like office depot or staples?
LED's don't produce much heat at all.. I doubt they'll be melting much of anything :)
yeah maybe so.

you can get the gel sheets at like a production supplier or a dj store.
well i officially give up, I put the blue sheets on and the ilght still comes out the original color. So when i have more time and money i'll buy the blub leds but their 3 bucks a piece and i dont feel like spending twenty some dollars on leds. Is there an easy way to get the controls out though. I spent like an hour and half taking it out, and the same putting it in. I had to take off the glove compartment, and the pice above the cup holder.

Ok ok,

I never thought of the Gel Sheet things. I remember those being a tad bit expensive though.

As far as coloring bulbs, I've heard that you get that plastic coating stuff a coat your bulbs. Or rubber Coating stuff... whatever it is
ike that cup of plastic that you eat up and dip things in to coat them.
Use that, just make sure it's a thin coat.
Don't the stock bulbs have some sort of plastic coating on them
I think that would work

But i've never tried it or seen it.
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gauges? i was talking about the buttons on the temperature panel, if thats what u were talking about you an buy the leds for about 3 dollars a piece at radioshack. To late i already gave up my car is all back togethor. I was thinking abuot changing the color of the indicator lights on the gauges like, check engine, etc. I was going to copy all those onto blue transperancy and put them back in.
what kinda gel sheets did u use? where did u get them? cuz i swear they work.
i didn't find gel sheets so i got a blue paper protector and cut that up. I put the sheet behind where the light comes out.. which is where i think it's supposed to be. But i think the blue filters the light to blue but then when it goes through the white it filters it back to white.
97CIVICoupe said:
LED's don't produce much heat at all.. I doubt they'll be melting much of anything :)
those fucking things get hot.... and yes they will smoke the paint off
oh weird, then you should try to just color in the little picture wiht a blue marker or something and see if that works.
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