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Tru-fit adapter for Sola gearshift knob for 92-95 Civic

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Okay, I'd normally post this in the interior forum, but since it's not back up yet and this does relate to Civics specifically, it's going in this forum. Does anyone know where I can get Sola Tru-fit adapter for a 92-95 Honda Civic??? I already have the Sola Omega Knob, but I need the tru-fit adapter. No one seems to have them for anything other than Volkswagons or Miatas!!! I find that kinda strange. Is that the only two types cars they make them for, or what? Anywho, if anyone knows where I can get one (or wants to get rid of theirs) for a 92-95 Civic... or knows if an adapter from another car or generation will work. Please lemme know. Thanx folks.
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I might have what you need. I have a brand new, never used TRU-FIT for Honda/Acura, but I don't what years it fits. I'm assuming it fits all years, but I couldn't guarantee it. E-mail me at: [email protected] if you are interested.
I'll sell it for $15.00 shipped.
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