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One solution . . .

AfRo*NiNjA said:
how do you keep the rear from squeeking? :ninja
This is a drastic move, and depending on how much you like your rear interior (mine is stripped out, so - no matter) this will not only help the squeaking hatch, but also help your handling - trust me. I took a 2 1/2" dia. steel bar at 35 &15/16ths inches in length and had it welded across the two rear strut/shock towers (there is a pic in here somewhere of a yellow CRX from KS that had it done already & where I got the notion to do it). It only ran me $40 for the pipe w/the welding and everything, and the weight is really minimal, for the added benefit in handling and added structural integrity of the car. Noted a real reduction of the hatch squeak too, cheaper than an aftermarket rear upper strut bar too! Despite the added 10 pounds in there (10 lbs. ain't gonna kill ya), the handling improvement was phenom. + I love the way it tracks through the corners now, just a whole different car; especially along w/the jimfab front x-member up front to complement it. :w00t
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