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try and photoshop this!!!!

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i dont think ne one could drop this ne more even if they wanted to!!!!

this is soo fukn low!!!
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could drop that fat bastard that took the photo though :D!!!

hahaha.......looks like he's eaten a whole lamb, but i think he'd drop u :p
drop some weight more like it

"Hey fatty, get a treadmill!"

Photoshopped to perfection
Waddya reckon???
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that looks like the kind of truck that my girl's dad uses to put dead deer inside after he hunts them...
Geeeeze! Photoshopped the shadow :p Too f**kin' funny!

It took me a second to fgure it out :rolleyes:
PulsaGTi-R said:

Photoshopped to perfection
Waddya reckon???
Damn, that guy is real fat now
hey u from aus!!!

where bouts in Australia u from??? is that ur car in ur siginature???
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