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My mother's best friend is dying, and her husband suddenly passed away a couple of months ago. In an effort to help her out, I've taken possession of her husband's '03 TL32s to sell for her, but it needs some work first. The husband bought the car new in '03 (I have the window sticker) and it's been garage kept, but is a little beat up. 158k miles. The check engine light is on, and the idle is high. If you click the VSA button, the triangle with exclamation point light on the right side of the cluster comes on, then off if you click the VSA button again. The VSA light does NOT come on at this point. Shortly after firing the car up, the VSA light AND the triangle lights come on, the car won't go past 3k RPM (as I believe it's designed to under VSA conditions) and the RPMs fluctuate badly. Car will go from 800-2k rpm and back again over and over again, making it hard to drive and brutal on the transmission. On the highway the car drives just fine and holds RPM. Once the VSA and triangle lights go on, the VSA button does nothing, and the lights won't go off unless you restart the motor.

I have no idea how long the car has been running like this.

Any thoughts, guys? I'm not at all familiar with Hondas, but I'm trying to maximize the cash return for my mother's friend and that necessitates me repairing the car myself. Thanks for any help.
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