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only 29 looks in 7 days?? let me get this thing going so people can argue about my points and call me stupid :p

cast manifolds are normally logs.
tubular of course is normally tubular....

logs are known to not flow as well as tubular manifolds yet they are one piece designs that won't crack as easily as the welds on a tubular manifold. They also can withstand more stress from larger turbos before cracking as opposed to all those wonderful tubular manifolds which generally require bracing.

tubular manifolds disperse heat faster due to be steel instead of cast iron and non-porous. However, it all depends on WHAT type of steel they are made of and whether they are coated or plated or just plain left alone.

equal length manifolds flow better than unequal length manifolds (for the most point). however, equal length manifolds are the hardest to design to clear everything else in the engine bay without having to delete/relocate things. Cast iron manifolds are the easiest to toss in and keep things.

Also, a layman can design a log type manifold from a pair of adapter plates and some steel pipe 90's and T's (yes, I said steel not cast iron....most people don't have high nickel rods laying around to weld with cast iron duhhhh...not to mention...why would you WANT to).

after you get the basic log welded then you can CHOOSE where to mount your flange for best location. logs, depending on size, will flow up to 400 hp if not maybe more depending on well you design them....if you want sky's the limit performance then go tubular of course....

I know I missed quite a bit but I don't want to put too much time into this as I'm trying to bid on some wheels on ebay right now :p

have fun!
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