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I just about to make the jump from 6 to 9psi, so I dropped a set of 310cc injectors to lower the pressure rate and start point.

My car is a 96GSR-JRSC, Cartech 20005, RSR Header, N1 Exhaust, V-AFC, MSD BTM6, AEM ShortIntake, etc. At 6psi, best is [email protected]

Before the injector switch, I was running the following fuel pressure:

idle, vacuum to cartech: 48psi
idle, 0 psi to cartech: 60psi
full boost: 89-90psi.

With the 310s, I added a B&M Commandflow to the stock regulator, drilled it out and am running the following...

idle, vacuum to cartech: 32psi
idle, 0 psi to cartech: 36psi
full boost: 73psi.

It is still a bit rich on the topend, but I have the cartech gain set screw turned all the way out, and the little restrictor hose removed. I can't seem to get less top end pressure than 73..... Also, they car is a bit lean when the boost kicks on because the 0psi setting is too low... The problem is when I raise the cartech base setting (the middle large bolt), it also raised the final high boost values..

It is almost like I need a restrictor before the cartech vacuum input to limit how much air it has to bleed off..

Anyone else with 310s know their FP numbers?

Thanks guys!

-Jeff Sponaugle
[email protected]
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