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Turbo 98 Prelude

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Hey everyone,

Wondering how the reliability is with a 98 Stock Prelude using the F-Max kit. I'd be using stock boost, can I expect with solid dyno tuning, at least 30,000miles from the engine with turbo? Note, I wont be drag racing or track racing with it. Maybe on a Friday night I'll get on it less tahn 4 times but other than that, just normal running.

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I've heard due to the ECU in the last generation Preludes, that the ECU re calculates your modifications. Will this hamper the turbo kit's performance at all?

Thanks and sorry!
I have had my f-max kit since febuary and i had it dyno tuned at 10 psi i have 248 hp and 234 torque and no check engine lights and no problems so far. and i have been drag racing it i would say at least 30 runs over hte summer and fall. best run is a 13.04 @ 107.24 with all stock internals, pump gas (94) and full interior
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