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Here's what i have for sale... i'm located in Newark, NJ but Eastern, PA for most of the week because of school. Got lots of vouches on HondaTech. Just here to help people out and do business. Thanks.

JDM B18B LS Head - excellent condition has approx. 50k miles, complete with all valvetrain... $150 with Intake manifold, $110 without

T3 Turbo 45 trim .48/.48 by XS Power - Brand New... $270 shipped

Wastegate - Tial Knockoff Brand New, you can do a search nothing but good comments about it... $150 shipped

RFL Blow Off Valve by XS Power - Brand New Turbo XS RFL Knock off, obviously does the job... $65 shipped

B-Series axles good for swaps into 92-95 civic and all integras... $115 shipped

Dynomax muffler - 2.5" inlet and outlet straight thru design... $40

Magnaflow muffler - stainless steel, straight thru design, 2.25" inlet, perfect sound, used for 2 months... $75

:byye Sold to a Local... GSR Hammers/Fat Fives with tires - some curbage but pretty good tires, looks like they need to be hi-speed balanced. Got them in a trade for my si wheels and cash... $200

B-Series Turbo Manifold by XSPower - brand new in box with gaskets and bolts, paid $180... $170

Black Widow Spyder Wing - fits 92-95 civic coupes flush mount to trunk, painted milano red but is chipping... $100

OEM Wing Black - fits 92-95 civic coupes, oem paint and still shines... $60

Denso Iridium Spark Plugs for B16 - used for 3k miles can't use anymore since i'm going turbo soon... $35

:byye Sold to a Local... Missing Link - brand new in packaging never used... $50

LS alternator - good working condition... $50

NGK Iridium Spark Plugs for Integra LS - used for 5k... $15

B16 Spark Plug wires - good condition, came with my swap but changed them for Nology Hot Wires... $15

:byye Sold to 93b18Civic... Triple Gauge Pod for 92-95 Civic - good condition... $15

Tokico Illuminas (rear only) - for Integra Type R rear control arms, good condition, but missing dials on top of shock... $40 for both

OBD1 Injectors (240cc) - good working condition... $10

B-series OEM coil - good condition... $10

B-series AC pump - off of JDM LS motor... $50

NGK Platinum Spark Plugs - used for 8k miles for Integra LS... $5

LS Fuel Rail - $10

:byye Sold to Ludster... B-series OEM header with heat shield... $25 for header and $10 for heatshield

Miscellaneous obd1 plugs... $best offer

:number1 More stuff to come pm me for any of it or pics :number1
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