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Alright, this is the story, i turbo'ed my 92 civic SI hb and to get around the map sensor issue. i used an older LS throttle body and map sensor off an 88-91 civic/crx(came off an 88 CRX SI) well i did this so i could run check valves to bleed off the pressure going to the map sensor...

i ran it this way for probably a month or so. i was on my way home from the strip. and i was messing around with my friend in his 05 GTO....needless to say i was accellerating above 130 slowly but i then get a check engine light similar to what i would get if my map sensor were to read boost. so i backed off and just drove normally. i checked my codes after and it was my map sensor code 3 fast flashes. so i checked my connection and my hoses and everything seemed i got another map sensor from a junk yard(off a civic wagon)

well this didnt cure my problem and it seems to run more rich now than it did when it was running good before the cel, it was running rich for a few days and my plugs were black so i wire brushed them but i dont think it was enough. i bought new plugs but didnt put them in yet.

anyways, is this still a map sensor issue or is it something else....for my turbo setup to work i had to extend the O2 sensor wires. they all seemed to be crimped fine but is there any reference to the map sensor from the 02? im not sure on what to do. im running 10-11psi(spike 12 sometimes) the night i ran the GTO it was running higher cause it was cold and we were cruising on the interstate(12-13) but i didnt let it stay at that boost level i backed off instantly.

if anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated!!!
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