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my setup vs a stock tundra v8 (both automatics)

d16z6 with greddy turbo, venom intake manifold, str fuel rail, 15"rota slipstream, starion fmic, hayame cam gear, venom fuel pump, aem pullies, iridium plugs, kyb agx shocks, and gc coilovers. The thing is I cant install any of this until december, but my friend at work wants to race me. every else agrees he would be me. is this true?

2002 tundra 4.7L v8 auto fwd

245hp @4800rpm
315 [email protected]
weight of truck = 4,276 lbs

say if my civic was tuned for 200whp could i take him? because of the wieght differences?

my friend w/ truck says: "ill take your crappy civic off the line, with a fridge in the bed"

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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