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turbo gasket blown?

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well i checked my car out again this morning. i checked all piping/connections again, then cranked it up, and used the hand throttle and started lookin for leaks. i concluded that my turbo manifold gasket is blown. not the exhaust one, but the one that goes inbetween the manifold and the turbo. a good bit of it is cracked, i can see it and move it a little. i could also feel a good bit of exhaust coming out of the crack when i used the hand throttle. could this be why it isnt spooling at all? i can hear the turbine spinning when im driving..
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im not too up to par with turbo but ether way it should probably be replaced and i would not doubt that it could be leaking boost because of it, ur situation is weird i was actually thinking about it while i was at work, im sure ill be running into similar problems in about 2 months when mine is done :(
Yes that could be the reason. Replace it with a quality gasket and keep checking all the gaskets and vacuum connections

There has to be a leak somewhere
vac connections are good. where do i get new gasket?
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