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Turbo H22- Head gasket or pistons?

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Ok, so I am contemplating some ideas of a turbo Prelude......

Now, If I did turbo a JDM H22 with the 10.6:1 CR, I would really think that I should drop that CR down in order to run about 8psi. I would probably not go above 8psi just for safety's sake. Now...should I get a thicker head gasket to drop the CR down one half to one full point or should I just go ahead and get 9:1 or 9.5:1 pistons?:confused:

Thanks for your help or shared experiences
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The head gasket will be plenty fine for 8 psi.
JDM H22? = type s ? can somebody give me specs..?
A JDM H22 doesn't come with Type S cams. It is a H22A not an A1 or an A4. There are very few difference between the H22A1 and the H22A.
93-95 USDM (US and CAN) H22A1- 190hp, 158 ftlbs torque- 10:1 comp ratio

96 H22A(4?) (US and CAN) same as 93-95 H22A1 except for OBDII and open deck block

97-01 H22A4 (US and CAN)- 200 or 195hp, 158ftlbs torque- 10:1 comp ratio

91-95 JDM H22A- 200hp, 163 ftlbs torque- 10.6:1 comp ratio (this motor also has a very slightly higer profile cam)

98 up JDM H22A7- 220hp, lots of torque!!!....- around 11:1 comp ratio (More radical cam, ported head...the works) this is the Type R (B18C5) of the H series motors
whats an open deck block?
whats an open deck block?
open deck = the head forms the top of the water jacket for each cylinder, consider a poor design for turbo , since the cylinder walls can wobble at high level boost :) you can build your bottom end and fix the problem :)
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