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turbo h23 or h22?

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Wondering stats of any body out here that has h23 or h22
Which one will be better for street/track/weekend driver...

1)turbo h22
2)turbo h23
3)built h23 nos
4)built h22 nos

which combo, saying internals are built with all that good ole stuff and all that, is the best for max hp, overall high powerband, which one responds to boost better??
Oh, why is it that I hear more h22 in civic in pro drags than h23... Is h22 the overall Best 4 cylinder of h series??
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H22 all the way! It's a hell of alot stronger than the H23. If all the internals are built then the turbo or NOS decision all depends on if you want 300+ Horsepower all the time or just when you race. My opinion is none of the above. Go H22 Turbo and NOS. Just be sure to build the internals in your motor up first.
h22 turbo and nos.... huh... seems fast, seems expensive also...
I'm about to get a front clip in a couple months... i think the h22 will be the source. I just want the best motor for top boost without too much mods to motor. thanks
if you're looking to turbo, you should be looking at h23a because of the compression ratios. h22a is better for s/c applications.
S/c... how much will a h22 get of that... s/c are not that adjustable are they?? havent heard to much about sc h22's
H23 has lower compression for out the box boosting?? thanks
h23 are much cheaper...leaving more room for internal mods...
h22 much more expensive... everyone in my area has b18 or b16 so they dont know what to say about h22 or h23.... mostly hearsay .... trying to get out what you guys(real h22/h23 owners) know... thanks
oh yeah..what does anyone think about front clip of bb1(92-95 prel) for 3500+shp....
Compression won't play a factor in either motors. You either deal with weak pistons on an H22, or weak pistons and rods on an H23. Both engines are great for turbo, both engines will require some building to be really reliable....A turbocharged H22 will put down more power than a turbocharged H23 will...
If it were me I'd go H22 Turbo but how much money are you planning on spending for this?
I would rather (and did) go with an H22. It has the oil squirters, and some other things. The compression, and liters pretty much don't mean anything... chances are that either motor will blow quick. There are some exceptions. But if you go to in the FI section there is the list of people with blown motors, and how long they lasted. Most went pretty quick(6 months) When you can go with any bore pistons you want. So it could be a 2.4 l and the engine you initially had won't matter a damn bit. Except that the H22 can cool a little bit better than the H23. No big deal tho. Same thing with the rod strength. when the motor goes might as well get stronger rods. The first thing to go on H22/23 is the ringlands they are very weak on these motors.
I am running JDM H22 turbo (10.6:1) with 7 pounds of boost. Runs beastly as hell. I use to have a h23. either motor will work fine.
Just my .02
Actually the motor you "had" will matter because of Vtec. Most of those blown motors were untuned motors, or crappy tuning. Done right, and getting your tuning precise will yeild a pretty reliable car. I know guys that have gone for over a year with no problems, I've also known people to go for a month, it's all in your tuning.
I know that it can last a long car is tuned with hondata. It runs fine. The truth of the matter is not that many paople actually do it right tho. Besides I know a guy that had hondata tuned fine...and his ringlands still went. I also said the vtec motor would be better, but that it it doesn't matter that much...which is true... Both are quite capable of making big power.
By the way your set up is beautiful...I can't wait till I get more money...hehe
there are virtually no parts for an H23 valve train go H22...
You really don't need to upgrade your valvetrain anyways, the only thing you might want is springs and retainers in case you over rev a little bit, but most people don't worry about it. That is what I'm running though. Cams can be made by crower if you want cams, springs and retainers are easy to find for an h23 I think. XES on here is making over 500 WHP in his Si Prelude so power can be made by either, it is easier to attain high power levels with an h22 though.
Cost of motor is not a problem... but after the motor how much did you guys spend?? (skrewdlud and turboh22) What upgrades on the internals did you make or suggest? I know turbh22 said upgrade springs and retainers... do you suggest pistons since you said they are weak??
Anyone know where I could check out a FMax Turbo?
TurboLude is your car daily driven?? I'm lookin' for daily driven car.... 3-4 times a weeks max..
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