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Turbo manifold Heat Wrap or HPC coat

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Just wondering what most of you guys use, I am getting my manifold hpc coated its said to stand up to 700celcius, but they don't gaurantee it for turbo applications. The heat wrap I looked at was only rated at 600celcius. Anyone know how hot a D16 manifold runnin 8psi gets?:confused:
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I cant tell you how hot it gets exatly but i can tell you that the heat wrap does work a little bit..
Well, if you convert it, then the high temp ceramic will hold up to 1318*F, while the wrap will hold 1138*F. If your manifold ever gets hot enough to glow during the day, then its probably getting to 1200*F+.

I personally dont believe a .010" thick coating of metallic ceramic will do anything except keep your manifold from rusting, but if thats what you want it for, then have at it. I personally would get the wrap partly becaust it costs 1/4 as much and IMO would really help.
Actually it cost $90 versus $70 but your right about the rust, heat wrap keeps the heat in between the pipe and the wrap causing heat damage on the exterior of the manifold, while the ceramic coat keeps the heat in the piping. The retailer said it would stop 20% of the heat radiating out of the manifold, this is not the top of the line coating, that costs $270 and that stops 60% OF THE HEAT and is gauranteed not to fade off. But I can't afford that so I will hope for the best.:D
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