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Is that where you got the piping for you Kit..

Mowing ur Mom's lawn
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i got mine from JCwhitney i think, but kteller has better prices for the same stuff

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Shut up bitch, I'm bumpin' my sh*t.

Since no one willl challenge me, I'll battle the entire forum....
You all want to see me naked? I'm about to show you, don't go far!/
Five dollars to watch me touch it. Ten and I'll say "I'm a star"/

I hold my pants up with my right hand, and undo my buckle with my left/
Release my right grip as I slap Satty who's approachin' with 220 pound heft/

Woooooah! Stop the presses! Let's watch "What" as he undresses!/
My balls are missing, that's what that mess is/

Slappin changes people, I promise, I have evidence that'll convince/
I slapped SuperJew in front of a canvas, and he's been painting ever since/

I slapped one guy on a farm cause he was listening to "Wu Tang"/
I struck him in front a Ford and a cow and he yelled "Moostang"/

Some slaps are so devastating they make your personality switch/
I slapped DSMer in front of his idol and he started imitating that bitch/

That bitch has a "fan club", some kinda unofficial underground nation/
I call em' "Bastards In Terrible Conditions Having Envious Sensations"/

Remember Step Up? He had a $35k budget and looked for a used car to mod and buy/
He passed on the Corvette, and let his friend choose the Sti/

Well, he sent a PM to my inbox promising me that I was gonna die/
So I broke in his room while he was jacking off and he confessed "It's all a lie!"

So, all a guy wants is to plagiarize and not get caught/
My name is DodgeRida and I am leaving..uhhh...or so I thought.../

Happy New Year! We should start a fight and gang f*ck his mom/
SNiPeRViRuS's mad? "Yeah, Lectroid said 'lets gang f*ck Islam'"/

Touchy Subject! Flame War! "What", you know what that flame do/
Move away "What", quickly...whoops! Too late, they've blamed you/

Yeah, I'm the problem, I'm half the duo that complains/flames the most/
Let's ignore that most of my words are interestingly accurate car posts/

Let's forget "What's" good grammar and all the bitches that he's slain/
All that slappin' "What" gave us has rattled the recall in our brains/

I want to pass this "mic" now, but my opponent won't stand/
I passed it to abless once, but he claimed it missed his hand/

VMJYogi's scared and won't back up those "rap skills" that he boasted/
I've noticed he's been in this forum since this "battle" thread was posted/

Oh yeah, mods, before I fire you f*cking pigs, MATURE!
I didn't ask for an asterick in my F*CKING sig.....nature/

I'd run my fingers threw my hair if I could, so instead I touch my wood/
Grab nine inches of something you wish you could. Damn I look good/

I hope no one gets offended, I hope we aren't all petty/
But "The Law" has to do his job just to keep yall steady/

I've been slippin, that's why there have been so many forum glitches/
Start the campaign now! We've got to eliminate more of them bitches!/

I don't want to call out names, but my challenger was a "no-show"/
But when I said "bitches" I couldn't help but think of the "hobo"/

I'll take my rifle to vwhobo's house and make about 50 kills/
Not aiming at him, I'm scoping his sex life, I'm shootin' Viagra pills/

This forum is full of whining bitches and vwhobo d*ck suckers/
You bitches got to get labeled so I certify you motherf*ckers/

StiMan deserves no respect, he should live-out his life in sorrow/
You allow SuperJew to slap you? See you in court tommorrow/

Oohh! I'm gettin' hungry! I'm sick of these potato chips!/
I should head to "Olive Garden", I heard they take no tips/

Rage! Rage! Sorry Voda, I know tips pay for the college scholars/
Was your day that bad? Can you pay for your knowledge with ten dollars?/

Yeah I said it. I will point you out. I'm not afraid to GO THERE.
Turbochic, your ass is nice, but when you take pics, FIX YO' HAIR.

I hope no one gets offended, I hope we aren't all petty/
Wait...this is the same line, I've said this already/

What's going on, my rhymes are starting to look like a SuperJew edit./

SuperJew, we do the same thing, but you're a cronic complainer/
I can't respect you. I swing my hand, but you're a f*ckin' pimp slap PAINTER/

I think DodgeRida is gay, he keeps Pm'ing me guy butts/
And for about 4 months now, he's been hanging off my nuts/

DodgeRida67, there's a rumor that you like to wear a slim thong/
DSMer, there's a rumor that you like big words but spell them wrong/

"Why So Mean?" "'What' that was rude!" If I knew you I would hit you/
So Chrissy leave this forum and take all of your estrogen with you/

I can take care of myself, I don't need a "gunning crew" too/
Superjew, I don't need your help, I'm not "running to you"/

Lectroid is a box of bitch, delivered with life on a trackage/
Remember: "Life is not a bitch, it just came with the package."/

I've heard of 12 year old bishops and 15 year old welders/
But this forum has something new, 16 year old "elders"/

Shut up when I'm talking! Be quiet til' this rap's through/
Bitches close your mouths, don't bite the hand that slaps you/

Won't challenge me? Fine, f*ck yall, I'll continue my strut/
Let it be known, no one can f*ck with the incredible, infamous "What"/
I went over to Hobo's house to eat some of his wife's spaghetti/
She came and whispered to my ear.."Can you make me a Coletti?"/

I said no but she pleaded.."It feels like my whole marriage was wasted!"/
"I thought it was all real but everything was copied and pasted!"/

She started trippin, so I took the oppurtunity to step outside for a while/
The first thing I see is DSMer diggin' through Vwhobo's garbage pile/

I asked what he was doing, he was all dirty and stinky/
He told me he wants to be Hobo, and he kept repeating "twinkie"/

So you say "the mouth can not speak if the ear will not listen"
I say "the mouth can't speak if the d*ck in it is pissin"

Next time watch the whole oriental film, not the edited shortcut/
And when you finish doing that, put that wax on my nuts/

Snipervirus came up to me and said he had something he had to admit/
He unscrewed his skull and showed his brain and said "See? I don't know shit"/

ChrisV goes away for a week, and look what happened.../
He supports a guilty motherf*cker and "What's" still rappin.../

Unzip my pants, and my penis hangs all the way to the unknown/
I'm italian like Sylvester, so the women call me RAMBONE/ bitches are boring, nothing I ever want to see/
So I'll spend the rest of my rhyme talking about me/

Wait! That's not right "What". That sounds awfully conceited/
I'm great and I'm The Law. My name deserves to be repeated/

Let's change the forum motto to "'What' can't please us"/
Let's change StiMan's mood when "What slaps Jesus"/

Oh no, now the whole forum wants to kick my ass/
Calm down because Jesus is the dude that cuts my grass/

He's a Mexican, and lets ignore that I pronounced his name wrong/
Shouldn't you bitches be collaberating to write "What" a theme song!/

You don't love me? F*ck you. I'll slap a bitch and leave stitches/
You are easily distinguished. You are obviously bitches/

What about me! I thought you combined your thoughts of other members and shoved it?/
I'm sorry "What". But I said the word "bitch" and I loved it./

Yes, I'm cocky. Duh! Please stop saying things that we know./
My d*ck is big, but it needs an erection to out-grow my ego/

I'll end my childish games and take them for a ride in my baby stroller.../
But before I go I'd like to say f*ck Step-Up and Flame Roller/
I'm puttin' my gloves on, let the opening bell began to rattle/
It took me four days to realise abless's response was a battle/

I finished this years ago when I slapped you in the face and left an abscess/
Stuck my hands in your gut, ripped out your stomach muscles and made you ab-less/

I paid your mom to have sex with me, that's why she's laying next to me/
She keep trying to leave so I slapped her and fed her a bottle of ecstacy/

She's passed out, but the check says she doesn't leave til' the sunsets/
Somebody wake this bitch up! Me and DemonSpeed ain't even done yet!/

I felt bad about f*cking your mom, so I left a tip for you on the bill/
Then I went home and overdosed on my "I don't give a f*ck" pills/

I stared in the mirror for a second in search of some self input/
But then I got pissed at myself for stepping on my own foot/

I turned red, balled up my fist and gave my face a wack/
Mama said if somebody hit you, hit that motherf*cker back!/

And I did, so I slapped me, grabbed my shirt and threw me in the bookshelf/
I got up furious, took off my shirt and beat the sh*t out of myself/

Where's abless? Somebody locate this dude, I'm revved up and ready to fight/
If that bitch don't show up, I'm kicking over every blue Yamaha bike/

Me and your girl spent time together, we grew close and now I call her "pooky"/
She didn't share your dreams of being uncomfortable on the back of a Suzuki/

I was uninspired when I wrote this, I think I'm going insane/
You didn't deserve a response, so why bother my brain/

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^^whats this about?^^

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Yeah I don't get it.
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