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Turbo Psi on my stock internals

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I was thinking of getting this guy to turbo my engine for me that will boost 9 psi on my stock internals (for $1000 canadian). Hmmmmmm toast my engine or wha ? Whats the MAX I can boost with a custom or greddy turbo on stock internals on my SOHC. And what about the clutch, tranny, bottom end ?

And the car is and will reamin a daily driver, im never gonna boost more than 9 lbs.

Thanks ! :D :D :D
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This may help and it maynot. I'm gonna say it anyways since no one has posted anything yet. I have a '00 Si and I know that stock internals can handle a 8-9 psi boost. But that is a DOHC VTEC, I don't know what your SOHC can handle. I just wanted to give you that much to see if you can get a rough estimate of what it can handle.
from what i hear D series engines can only take up to 7psi stock anthing more ur probaly gonna throw a rod...
search in the turbo forum bro i remeber some sohc's boostin some nice amounts awhile back...peace
6psi should be right for your sohc motor with no internal
hmm...there are people on H-T running 10lbs daily and 12lbs or more at the's all about tuning my friend
it's all about how well the car is tuned 9 psi of good boost is better than 6 psi of bad boost. good and bad being the amount of tuning.
pushVTEC said:
it's all about how well the car is tuned 9 psi of good boost is better than 6 psi of bad boost. good and bad being the amount of tuning.
did you mean to say 6psi of good boost is better than 9psi of bad boost???:D
no... if it is tuned well 9 psi can be safer than a badly tuned turbo at 6 psi... look at revhard..they have a bone stock d16 running 11 pounds of boost daily driven.
If you want to turbo the SOHC, go with Greddy.

It's cheap, reliable, fast spool up.

It's right in your range too.

You can leave your car bone stock and run 5.5 psi right out of the box. If you want to run higher than that, I suggest getting an intercooler. The blue box that comes with the kit can handle a max of 8 psi. I am running 7.5 psi at the moment though.

Make a post like this in the turbo forum. You will get tons of responses from other members that have the same kit as me.


aj :)
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Thanks guys, but hey....
First of all how much does the Greddy Kit cost (with intercooler)? and how come it doesnt have 96 civic EX on the application list eventhough I know some of u guys have it. and another thing, is it acually ILLEGAL to have a bolt on aftermarket turbo system in our cars ? and lastly, boosting 5-8 psi - I'll still be able to pass emissions wont I ?
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