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Turbo question for 00 Si

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Hey everyone, I gots a question for ya. I have a 2000 Honda Civic Si. Currently unmodded, I want to put a turbo on it but I am unsure of what direction to take. I would go to the local shop but I know they will just take my money and give me crap so I decided to come here. What I have looked at so far is...
Greddy Turbo
Greddy Intercooler
Greddy Evo Exhaust
Greddy Blowoff valve
Greddy Boost Controller
Greddy Turbo Timer
Greddy Gauges
DC sports Short shifter
DC sports tower strut
Ground Control Coil overs
Camber Kit (undecided)
I am new to the import scene of racing so I am not sure if the last four items would have any effect on the turbo. But any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanx in advance. Later

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oh yeah one other thing i forgot is an ACT clutch ::OOPS::
Let me give you some advice.. with a SI i would not put a Greddy kit on it simply b/c there is not that much potential with a greddy kit... i would suggest to you a Rev hard kit or drag... good luck..

Im not saying greddy is bad but Rev hard and Drag has a lot more potential...
about how much would that kind of turbo cost me?
A rev hard kit costs about 3500 and drag is around 3000 and greddy is much less but i will tell you to go with rev hard for various reasons and i will not argue with anyone about that if you want to hear both sides of the argument read this post... it got over 400 views and its worth taking a look at.. i made my point why you should go with rev hard and i know a lot of other people will agree with me ... dont get me wrong there is nothing wrong with drag but there is more potential with rev hard...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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