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turbo question for SI motor

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my friend is getting a new car after a recent wreck. rite now, he has an si motor swapped into a hatchback. he also has an extra ls block laying around. first question, add the si head to the ls block or keep the motor the way it is?

he also has a turbo, garret t3/t4 i think. comes wit BOV, pipings and injectors. wut else does he needs? i have gotten down the basic gauges. but another question wut is the safest psi to run on a stock trim si motor? he wants to have the go but also the reliability. wut all does he need to do and have to have a go go hatchback but have it reliability to take him across town?

thanks for all info u can give me.
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i tinhk he can run about 6-8 psi... he'd need a turbo timer(not REALLLY NEED IT) a wastegate, intercooler to be a bit mroe on the safe side... but if iwere him, id go natrual aspirated!
wastegate, oil lines, vacuum lines, intercooler to keep the air cooler, fule pump, fmu, manual boost controller
ne thing else? intercooler we already have. wut kind of fuel pump would u recommend? also, does he need ne form of engine management if he wuz gonna run 6 - 8 psi of boost? timing?
6-8 pounds of boost is ok for a stock si motor. i contacted greddy about their kit and they said they as far as they would go on their kit for an si motor is 9 pounds at the most. but they also said the kit is for a stock si motor if not then you will need more management stuff.
if boost spike is dangerous for you guys, then i would suggest getting an electronic boost controller... they are almost guaranteed to not spike, and spiking may lead to fuel cut, or a melted piston ring
yeh my turboX MBC spike like a motherfugger:D
Who makes a good boost controller?? Where do you get them and what are they worth?
DLB1994 said:
yeh my turboX MBC spike like a motherfugger:D
mine is fine, it's probably your wastegate. Let me guess, turbonetics deltagate?
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