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turbo start

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i have a 96 tegra ls w/ about 100000 miles on it, my question is what do i need to do to get it ready to put the turbo on? and any ideas on a kit for a daily driver?
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how much do you plan to boost and whats your budget?
i figure after everything is done, i guess about 6000 bucks will b what im willing to do. im just wondering what i need to do to get my car ready to put the turbo in. i realize that the turbo kit will run around 3000 right? i guess i need a clutch, better fuel system, ignition? i also kinda wanna bullet proof it so i can run 8-10psi. i guess my target goal is about 230-240 whp. ne suggestions? thanks.
well you could replace the pistons and rods but that will cost a lot more. something you could look towards doing is a block guard, all you have to do is take off the head to put that on.
6000 bucks is plenty of money to rebuild the engine and install a turbo... you just have to diy since labor costs for that kind of stuff is amazing
for 6000 it really depends... i would get pistons and rods for sure but i would not block gaurd.. if you can get some more money sleeve the motor... for sure ignition and fuel system... then rest for turbo.. but you can do it for sure for 6000 with a good turbo system and mods... when you get more money your car will go even faster..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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