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hey thinking about getting a turbo, and really dont no much about them. if someone could give me some info on them, like how they work, how everything is installed, performance ... thanks.
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if you dont know at all how they work then heres a simple break down on how the basic parts of a turbo kit work...

ok, as the hot exhaust gases come out of your engine they go into your exhaust manifold , or what you call headers on a non-turbo engine... attached to that is the exhaust side of the turbo, the gases pass through this spinning the fans inside(like when you blow on a pinwheel), this is attached to the compressor part of the turbo, as it spins it inturn spins this, air is drawn into the compressor housing and as the wheels spin they compress(pressurize) the air, more air means you can have more fuel which means more power... when you compress air you also heat it, so the compressed air travels to the intercooler which acts just like your radiator, only instead of cooling the antifreeze it cools the compressed air... then the pressurized air goes back into the engine and starts the process all over, your recycling the exhaust gases and use them to make power... but lets say you suddenly let off the gas (shift or stop accelerating), the throttle body closes but the turbo is still spinning compressing the air, since it can't go into the engine it will fill up the path between the turbo and the closed throttle body and start slowing the turbo, this also creates a pressure wave, its called compresser surge and it will damage your turbo over time and when you do get back on the gas the turbo will have to start spinning again to get back up to speed, this is where a blow off valve comes in, when you step off the gas it will open up allowing the air between the turbo and the throttle body a place to escape, no pressure on your turbo and when you do step on the gas it will still be spinning closer to the optimal operating speed... the time it takes the turbo to get up to its optimal operating rpm is called turbo lag... i'll post pictures of all the normal parts of the turbo system, they get more complex so if theres any other parts or things you have questions on ask away

Turbo- Exhaust Side
Turbo- Compressor Side
Exhaust Manifold
Intercooler w/ Blow Off Valve on piping
Heres a good picture of a whole turbo set up on a motor(twin turbo skyline motor though)
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superSol said:
id swap motors instead of turbo the d16
ill sell you my greddy turbo off my selling the parts off the car before i sell it
Hey Importsol93 what do you want for your turbo?Hit me up at [email protected]
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