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Turbos and AT's

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Quick question

I have a 98 civic ex coupe with the 4 speed automatic :rolleyes: . If I have a rev-hard or drag turbo kit put on it, will the transmission break? I've heard all kinds of stuff over the past couple years but I think this year it's either do the turbo thing or go ahead and buy a dsm, so I need some quality advice if it's out there.

Any other shareable knowledge/advice about turbos and automatic transmissions in Hondas is welcomed as well.

Please don't flame, I didn't want the automatic or I would have a swap by now. I didn't pay for the car either. It's a long story :sleep:
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what do you mean by "dont shift your tranny, it will kill it". I surely hope you arent talking about upshifting, because that wont do ANY damage. Its the downshifting that will take a toll on the tranny. I've been to a few tranny shops, and have asked a few guys working there what they thought about shifting through the gears and they said the same thing. downshifting is bad, and unneccessary.
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