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Turbos and AT's

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Quick question

I have a 98 civic ex coupe with the 4 speed automatic :rolleyes: . If I have a rev-hard or drag turbo kit put on it, will the transmission break? I've heard all kinds of stuff over the past couple years but I think this year it's either do the turbo thing or go ahead and buy a dsm, so I need some quality advice if it's out there.

Any other shareable knowledge/advice about turbos and automatic transmissions in Hondas is welcomed as well.

Please don't flame, I didn't want the automatic or I would have a swap by now. I didn't pay for the car either. It's a long story :sleep:
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Wow your story is almost the same as mine........Either boost the AT civic or buy a DSM(DSM's rool btw:D ) I decided to stick with the Honda and hopefully will be swapping the trans sometime this year(once my funds get a lil better) and then getting the greddy kit. If I find a good deal on the turbo kit before I swap the trans I may put it on just to see how much the trans will take.

But anyways..... From what I have heard eventually you will have to replace the stock torque converter, check them out for performance torque converters. I've read about some guys runing the greddy kits for quite a while on their AT's and having no problems but, eventually they had to replace their torque converters. If you have more quetions look for Mokuboy on the board......He is very knowledgeable on automatic transmission's. I also know of a good board for turbo d-seires motors with a lot of good info but I'm pretty sure I can't post the address on SHO(e-mail me if you need the address) Hope this helped! :)
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