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LOLS! At least TB has a sense of humor (it being near 4/1 and all).:lol2

Lucky me! Now I can play on the PS3 and 360 at the same time! WOOT!!:hehe:p



The Turtle Beach Ear Force XPPX9001 is the most technologically advanced piece of gaming equipment ever devised. At the core of its features are its 360 speakers that provide the most immersive audio environment ever imagined. Creating nearly four times as many sound cues as real life, the XPPX9001 takes gaming audio into the future. Every single degree of sound gets its own speaker. And what’s more? Every single speaker can be programmed independently with our new Advanced Sound Editor 2.0 Software™. Yearning for a boost to footsteps, gunshots, tanks, dragons and the sound of the red sparrow in that tree over there? Just create 360 different presets, load them to the headset using our new Wireless Preset Blast Loader Dongle Tool™.

In addition to taking audio to the next level, the XPPX9001 features a nine-inch super-thin polymer display screen that allows sound to pass through it unencumbered while displaying glorious 1080p video. Using our proprietary Quad-Band Wireless HDMI Adapter Dongle Express II-z™, you can enjoy a single connection that sends both audio and video to the headset from a single HDMI connection, running between 600Hz and 11.6 jiggawatts and muscling out anything nearby. The included QBWHDMIADEII-z can connect to two consoles at once and allow you to play PS3® with one eye and Xbox 360® with your other! That’s right – you can connect and use both consoles at the same time!

And, of course, it includes the XBA 2.0, which features a quad-pairing stereo Bluetooth for phone calls, streaming music, Skype and chat over Xbox Live or PSN… wirelessly!

If you’re seriously serious about being serious about gaming seriously, it’s time to get even seriouser about getting serious about the sound. Get more info on the Turtle Beach Ear Force XPPX9001 today and be the first among your friends to take audio-based domination into the future!

Ear Force XPPX9001 | Gaming Headset | Turtle Beach
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