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hey guys i am thinking of trading my dx civic 4 door for something new

has a 5 speed transmission,no grinds clutch grips great

stock motor with 110,000 miles on it....runs great,purs like new

grey in color,paint is in great shape,no rust....there are a few dents in the roof,however nothing "creased"they can all b removed by either a)removing the headliner and pushing em out or b)by using some sort of dent remover(ding king or sumthin)

interior is grey,and in great shape...needs to b cleaned a bit but other than that in good shape no rips or tears or anything

car is in great shape and doesnt need anything, just looking to get a hatchback or coupe....looking to trade, but will entertain cash offers that are reasonable

as far as trades shoot me anything Honda or Acura...anything reasonable will be considered....thanks

here are the pics
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