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two questions

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since im going to replace most of the car anyway, is the 6th gen better than the fifth? im planning on replaceing/upgradeing the engine/full drive train, breakes, wheels, seats, suspention, computer, fuel, ignition, body mods etc

or are they the same? what year would you aim for? i budgeting around 10k or preferably less, i want the basic dx model, no options, boring as can be

second question, what is the best road to go down for a reliable turbo and mod engine, im thinking, b18, b20, or the h series, what has the most street potential, with reliability

planning on full valve train work, sleeving, pistons, rods, and crank if needed, wondering what the finished product could look like, and each limit
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Definantly go for a 5th gen hatch.
Then swap in a b18b{integra ls engine-- DOHC non-VTEC}. And turbocharge that. Good luck, and keep it clean.....
why not go for vtec? is it price? lack of hp gain? or availability

i like 2 door coupes, but hatches are lighter, strange, wonder which corners better, guessing coup
snatches handle a whole hell of a lot better than coupes... i've got a 6gen coupe and i drove my friend's 86 crx one day and damn can that thing turn!!!
Who needs VTEC when you have a Turbo. Stephan Papadikas took the VTEC out of his car(reprogrammed the ECU to get rid of it) and he runs 8.12 1/4's. You wont hit those numbers but really if you have a TURBO you wont even feel VTEC and why spend extra money on a VTEC motor when you dont need it!?
I've heard all the good Integra motors drop right into the 5th generation Civics. You'll save some good money there, too, since the cars are older.
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