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I am new to this lease stuff.
We have a leased 2010 Civic LX (12k a year mileage) with approx 14000 miles total on it. We never drive it. I looked into the buy out price and checked around with friends who had the patience to try to sell their cars and buy out with some profit. I even took it to one of those special "sense" itive dealerships and they gave me a buy eval of less than the buy out, he said there are simply so many Civics around cheaper at auction.
It is due to be returned sometime early in 2013. I realize we can turn it into Honda and get another honda but do we have any sort of "bargaining" power towards a better deal this time since the car has less wear and tear on it? How about if we wanted to go with another company's car? Would it make sense to try another dealer? Is it possible to get a used car from another company at a Honda dealership and they write the financing to buy it? Any help would be great.
Anybody have an experience with this?
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