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IntegraGSR401 said:
Alrights guys, I'm looking to turn my GSR into a Type-R, and no, I don't mean a motor swap, I'm talking removing my GSR head, swapping it with a Si head, valve stuff, shave the head slighty, and A-spec Integra Type-R Pistons (they equal the same compression ratio as Civic type-R pistons anyways). Then swapping my tranny with an Si tranny, cause type-R tranny's are hard to find where I live at. Along with the Jackson Racing Vtec controller, cause it uses your ECU to tell the Vtec to kick in early, versus the Apex one, that your ECU will adjust the A/F ratios for you. Cause I wanna go all motor, cause I like reliability, I travel back forth between Orlando and Tampa, and after seeing what my friend is going through with his LS Turbo, F/I doesn't seem too appealling. This will be happening within March, cause I wanna be ready for Hot Import Nights in Orlando. The only reason why I'm doing this is cause I heard if convert a GSR into a Type-R, versus motor swap, it'll actually have more torque and power, even though, you may have the same amount of HP. My GSR running right now with bent exhaust valves pulls type-R's anyways and it's an OBD-2 motor. and all I've done is shave the head, and put intake, and exhaust.

I just wanna know has anybody, done a conversion on a GSR to Type-R, and have they seen difference in performance, if not. I'll just fix my exhaust valves, throw in a Skunk2 Intake Mani, Skunk2 Cams, Sk2 Cam gears, and a 50 shot of nitrous.

Any info and pointers would be appreciated.

'97 Integra GSR
[email protected][/EMAIL]
forget the oem cams, pistons, etc. not worth the $. get aftermarket stuff like specs c/3 cams, 12.1 cr pistons, etc.
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