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Type R owners...Check-in and post your number here!

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Before the reset we had a great database of ITR numbers. Unless someone saved it, we'll have to do it again. Once we have moderators, I'll try to make this a sticky. Please keep this thread on topic, no conversations.

98-0231 (CW, of course ;) )
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Mine are:

PY/01-0105-RIP totalled but, being rebuilt by someone.

NBP/01-1037 in the process of making it and myself a serious S/M contender for '03!

#01-0020(Phoenix Yellow):)

AEM CAI, waiting for spoon header and type one exhaust.
2000 DC2 #064
mine- CW ITR#0884:rolleyes:
What's up ITR#231!

I have one of these automobiles also....

2000 - # zero zero six four
2000 PY #1380 :cool:
1998 CW #3067

Ser.No 01858, Germany
DC2 2000 Milano Red #00-0428:D
ITR-1303 Reporting for Duty!!! 2000 Py...soon to be boosted:p
Welcome all R owners!!! and good luck to all
2000 DC2 Red AUSDM #227.
98 #1109:p
1 - 20 of 119 Posts
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